Yu Aoi weds Terrace House comedian

TOKYO • Japanese actress Yu Aoi has raised eyebrows after tying the knot with comedian Ryota Yamasato, who once topped a Most Unattractive Person In Japan poll, two months after they started dating formally.

Aoi, 33, one of Japan’s best known actresses, married Yamasato, 42, one of the commentators on Japanese reality dating show Terrace House, on Monday, The Japan Times reported.

News of the marriage surprised many in Japan, with it being the talk of television shows.

Yamasato’s friends also brought up how the likeable comedian had topped a Most Unattractive Person In Japan poll for three consecutive years from 2006.

Aoi, who has starred in movies like Hana And Alice (2004) and Hula Girls (2006), won the Japan Academy Prize Association’s award for best actress for her role in the 2017 movie, Birds Without Names.

Yamasato first became popular as one half of comedy duo Nankai Candies. He and Aoi started dating in April after being introduced by a mutual friend, Shizuyo Yamasaki, Aoi’s co-star in Hula Girls and the other half of Nankai Candies.

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