21 Selena Gomez Swimsuit Moments That Inspire Us Every Summer

And Soaked Up the Waves in a Bright Ruffled Bikini

If there’s one thing we love about Selena Gomez, it’s that she’s always game to show off her stylish swimsuits, from her more casual poolside looks to her La’Mariette collaborations. After all, she’s hot and she knows it. In fact, when the star called the TJ Show and was asked to rate her hotness on a scale from one to 10, she said, “On a good day, I would say — like a premiere day — I would be a good nine. And then, on my every day, I feel like a six. Gosh, that sounds so bad! I feel like a six or a seven.” But from the look of Selena’s confident, sun-kissed bikinigrams, for which she changes her style based on the prints, colors, and cuts of her suit, we’d say she’s a definite 10 at all times. Scroll to find 21 times Selena proved she can work a swimsuit like it’s nobody’s business.

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