Arturo Obegero Men’s Spring 2022

For Paris-based Spanish designer Arturo Obegero, the coronavirus crisis will yield to “the new Roaring Twenties, a moment of celebration and togetherness,” he said during a showroom appointment.

His own feelings of happy anticipation trickled down into his spring collection, titled “Euphoria,” bringing exuberant flourishes to more approachable silhouettes inspired by dancers such as Pina Bausch and Flamenco icon Antonio Gades.

He started with a basis of tailored jackets, high-waisted trousers or silk shirts. Tuxedo stripes or a bowtie left undone were figured as long ribbon left unattached at on the side of trousers. A three-piece “dandy pyjama” nodded to the 2020 uniform while its deep burgundy striped silk satin made it appropriate for 2022’s soirées.

Arturo Obegero Men's Spring 2022

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A silver jewelry set with semi-precious stones, or a bodice made of pieces of sea glass sourced on the beaches of his hometown, added a layer of nostalgia.

Cuts progressively becoming more suggestive with lowered necklines or dramatic open backs, as the designer cast a glance towards famous — and infamous — parties, from the Motown era to Studio 54. A decadent gown in purple sequins looked like it would have been equally suitable on stage with Bausch, or on the dancefloor.

At his live presentation, the models demonstrated how Obegero’s vision moves from the drama of day-to-day to disco.

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