Balenciaga flogging high-vis binman-style jacket for a whopping £2,890

A LUXURY fashion house is flogging a high-vis binman-style jacket for £2,890 a pop.

The reversible bright yellow hooded workwear coat looks the spit of those worn by rubbish collectors.

It comes with a council-type logo on the front and the letters BLNCG, for makers Balenciaga, on the back.

The jacket is part of the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection from the Spanish brand — a favourite with Premiership footballers and Wags.

Bog-standard hi-vis vests and jackets — ideal for dumping rubbish — can be had £1.99.

The Balenciaga version, created by Georgian designer Demna Gvasalia, was released in a virtual reality runway show.

Social media users made fun of the costly jacket. One said: “This is ridiculous. Since when was it fashionable to dress like a binman? I’ve heard of high fashion but not hi-vis.”

One binman said: “I’ve always thought we were the best dressed council workers — but I never expected to see my work jacket on a catwalk!

“I’d sell my work gear online if it was worth so much.”

The collection also has a backpack inspired by those used by Uber Eats delivery staff.

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