Barrel jeans are the fashion crowd’s new favourite style for 2023

Barrel jeans are 2023’s answer to the skinny jean and – dare we say it? – they’re better, comfier and more elevated.

You might have packed your skinny jeans away for a while thanks to their being decried as “cheugy”, but dry your eyes, for another style of denim is rearing its head.

More tailored than a mom silhouette, the barrel jean is proving to be a firm favourite in lieu of the once-beloved skinny jean. These are jeans that sit high on the waist and are cut just above the ankles. They’re shaped like, you guessed it, a barrel. They are an everyday jean that seamlessly graduates a daytime affair to a nighttime affair. They are 2023’s answer to the skinny jean and – dare we say it? – they’re better, comfier and more elevated.

Barrel jeans are the comfort-first denim style the world of fashion can’t get enough of.

On the streets of Copenhagen, the style set wear theirs with chunky boots and trainers. In New York, comfort-first flats are swapped out for barely-there kitten heels. These are jeans that slot into your life without effort, which, in such tumultuous times, surely is the very least we can expect from our denim. And really, has there ever been a better time to give your denim an overhaul than the start of a brand new year? Just as we thought. 

Should you be looking to update your denim arsenal inline with the new year, the humble barrel jean ought to be your first port of call. These are the best to buy now.

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  • Arket barrel jeans

    Arket barrel jeans

    Pair Arket’s true blue jeans with your favourite snuggly winter knits for an outfit that’s ready for this Baltic weather.

    Shop Arket barrel jeans, £40


  • LF Markey Fergus barrel jeans

    LF Markey Fergus barrel jeans

    LF Markey is the east London brand worthy of bookmarking. Its slouchy Fergus jeans are the perfect silhouette and colour to tick the barrel jean trend box.

    Shop LF Markey Fergus barrel jeans, £135


  • Levi’s Made & Crafted barrel jeans

    Levi’s Made & Crafted barrel jeans

    If you prefer a wide-leg and statement-making style jean then Levis’ barrel jeans ought to be the perfect fit for you. Wear with chunky loafers and oversized knits for a winter-ready get-up.

    Shop Levi’s Made & Crafted barrel jeans, £75


  • Wrangler barrel jeans

    Wrangler barrel jeans

    Should you prefer longer-legged jeans, Wrangler’s denim ought to be your one-stop shop. The fit of these floor-sweeping jeans will make the style transition to spring and the months beyond decidedly easier.

    Shop Wrangler barrel jeans at Free People, £108


  • Aligne Febe barrel jeans

    Aligne Febe barrel jeans

    If crisp and smart separates get your seal of approval, then Aligne’s Febe barrel jeans should pique your interest. Their inky colourway makes them perfect for wearing with barely-there kitten heels.

    Shop Aligne Febe barrel jeans, £37.50


  • Wandler Chamomile barrel jeans

    Wandler Chamomile barrel jeans

    For those who aren’t already aware, Wandler is the denim brand to know. Pair its barrel jeans with chunky heeled boots and your favourite winter coat for a winning look.

    Shop Wandler Chamomile barrel jeans at Matches Fashion, £190


  • Lucy & Yak Dana barrel jeans

    Lucy & Yak Dana barrel jeans

    Lucy & Yak’s barrel-shaped jeans are the ultimate denim addition to any winter wardrobe. 

    Shop Lucy & Yak Dana barrel jeans, £55


  • Citizens of Humanity Horseshoe jeans

    Citizens of Humanity Horseshoe jeans

    Citizens of Humanity’s Horseshoe jeans are a favourite among fashion editors thanks to their versatility, whether you pair with heels or flats.

    Shop Citizens of Humanity Horseshoe jeans at Net-a-Porter, £360


  • Topshop barrel jeans

    Topshop barrel jeans

    Topshop isn’t dead! Its jeans are as good as ever since its move to Asos, but it’s barrel jeans that are truly the star of the denim show.

    Shop Topshop barrel jeans at Asos, £24


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