B&M fans go wild for £1 sale as one nabs 12 fans & another 6 suitcases (even though we’re not going anywhere)

B&M shoppers have been raving about their £1 bargains from the store, with one person picking up a dozen fans – while another grabbed six suitcases. 

Fans of the store have been sharing their incredible hauls online, as they stocked up just before Christmas. 

Despite it being winter, one person picked up a whopping 12 fans, which people joked would be worth a fortune in summer. 

Sharing a snap to Facebook group B&M Bargains and More, they said: “My bargains today.

“£1 each, They only had 12."

And despite Brits not being allowed to travel due to Covid restrictions, one shopper filled their trolley with six floral suitcases. 

Writing on the same page, they posted: “Suitcases £1 each.”

The posts have racked up hundreds of likes as people praised the bargains, but questioned why they needed so many of both.

One person joked: “Guess what the kids are getting for Christmas, an automatic voice changing hair blowing flow of fresh air.”

Another wrote: “Look at all your fans,your like a celebrity now.”

A third admitted: “I could do with all of them, bloody menopause!!"

This person pointed out: “Only travel from the living room to the kitchen these days.”

Someone else said: “I mean a fantastic bargain- but good luck using them any time soon.”

This person thought: “All kitted out, and no where to go, love them, what a find!!”

While another added: “Jesus hope u got some dusters with them because the only thing they will see is dust and no sun.” 

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