Bonkers new Instagram trend sees people airbrushing out their knuckles in pics – and their fingers look like sausages – The Sun

THE POPULARITY of photo editing apps continues to grow – but people aren't just airbrushing their face and waists anymore.

A bonkers new social media trend is seeing people get rid of their knuckles in order to make their hands look "perfect".

Sara Tasker, who is an Instagram expert and has written the book Hashtag Authentic about the app, has revealed her horror at how people are making their fingers resemble "hot dog sausages".

Posting on Twitter, she wrote: "New in 'Instagram trends that quietly frighten me' we have airbrushing out your knuckles for that ‘hot dog’ look…"

At the same time, she shared several example images she had come across on the site.

The photos show people's hands with abnormally smooth skin – and with knuckles that are barely discernible.

Her post has already received 78 shares and more than 500 'likes' as well as dozens of horrified comments.

One person wrote: "Why are we so ashamed of being humans?"

Another sarcastically commented: "I'd just gone and bought wrinkle cream for my fingers.

"I was that ashamed from looking at these pics! Phew!"

A third joked: "That last one – actual hotdogs with faux nails attached, no?"

And a fourth added: "Oh god this makes me want to vom!!"

Meanwhile a fifth shared: "People have too much time on their hands."

And another noted: "What fresh hell is this?!"

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