Britney Spears and Sam Asghari 'bring out each other's worst qualities' – the singer could 'be held back,' expert says | The Sun

BRITNEY Spears and husband Sam Asghari "bring out each other's worst qualities," an expert has warned.

Michelle Bell, founder of Cosmic Fusion, believes the pair's astrology is "completely contrasting."

If pushed to his limits, Sam could become "manipulative" and the singer could in turn be "held back" from her "goals and ambitions" due to her "guilt," she adds.

Speaking exclusively to The U.S. Sun, Michelle explains: "It’s not the strongest compatibility because you have two very different characters whose core personalities are completely contrasting."

Cosmically speaking and combining their Western zodiac signs, Chinese elements, and Chinese animal, Britney is a Sagittarius Metal Rooster, whereas Sam is a Pisces Wood Dog.

As a pair, they have just 43 percent compatibility.

Michelle adds: "The Sagittarius Metal Rooster is daring, adventurous and hugely ambitious, whereas the Pisces Wood Dog is sensitive, vulnerable and sweet.

"Although both signs have positive attributes and traits, they’re likely to bring out the worst qualities in one another."

Sam, 28, remained by Britney's side as she battled to free herself from her 14-year conservatorship, controlled by her dad Jamie Spears, which she argues was "abusive."

But some #freebritney activists, who famously analyze her Instagram posts for clues about her welfare, have also expressed concerns about Sam.

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In one post earlier this year, Britney joked: "I just pray we don’t kill each other before the end of the year !!!!"

Perhaps a badly placed joke – but it added to worries Britney had gone from one controlling situation to another.

Michelle says of Sam: "Because the Pisces Wood Dog is so sensitive, they will react strongly to any criticism or control that comes from the Sagittarian Metal Rooster.

"Their defensive position can then make fairly manipulative in an attempt to avoid these confrontations.

"This in turn, could make the Sagittarian Metal Rooster (Britney) feel guilty and hold them back from their goals and ambitions, creating some resentment along the way.

"The Pisces Wood Dog needs a lot of love and encourgement, something which might frustrate the free-spirited and wild Sagittarian Metal Rooster."

Britney and Iranian model turned fitness trainer Sam met on the set of her Slumber Party music video in October 2016.

She made the relationship Instagram official on New Year's Day 2017.

Sam proposed in September 2021 and the pair eventually married in June this year, shortly after Britney won freedom from her conservatorship in April.

As for Britney, it's perhaps no surprise she became such a star, with her astrology pointing to a "naughty but fun" personality and a "loud natural performer."

Michelle explains: "Sagittarians can be naughty, badly behaved, outspoken and terrific fun.

"The Metal Rooster is serious, hard-nosed, ambitious, and knows exactly what they want.

"These characters will absolutely not settle for second best. Ever. The Rooster is a performer.

"Sagittarians are loud, flirty, and love to perform too so, although these characters are anything but straightforward, they have the potential to be very impressive indeed.

"You're looking at creative and artsy careers. It could be anything from an actor, singer, artist, sculptor, or comedian.

"Any of these will lend themselves to the brazen performer that is the Sagittarius Metal Rooster. Their core character is quite complex.

"The Metal Rooster is strong and solid but Sagittarians, for all their brashness, are not remotely strong.

"They're vulnerable and they're sometimes moody.

"There is absolute volatility inherent in these characters, they can be pretty feisty if they feel threatened.

"They do have the potential to be great, though.

"Ultimately their character is so extremely conflicting. Fantastic fun, mildly intimidating and exotically dangerous."

As for Sam, his astrology would point to him being a more naturally "sensitive" character – as well as deeply "flawed."

Michelle says: "The Pisces Wood Dog is a loyal, sensitive, genuine and affectionate character.

"Loyalty is the key word here, they really are the most dependable and reliable people.

"Pisceans are extremely loyal to the people they love, the Wood element is sociable and great with others, and Dogs are the justice-seekers of Chinese astrology.

"They are also quite flawed characters, only because they're not the strongest combination in combined astrology.

"They're not blessed with innate self-belief and ego; they're sensitive and insecure and they worry about absolutely every last aspect of their lives.

"However, that is detracting somewhat from the general beauty and engaging charm of the Pisces Wood Dog.

"They really are happy, positive people who genuinely care about the welfare of others.

"However, in order to do so, these vulnerable creatures need lots of love, affection, reassurance and encouragement, particularly from the family.

"The family means everything to these ones; it tends to be the foundation from which they achieve whatever success is their destiny.

"They tend to struggle without a close family or a close inner circle of friends.

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"They might be unsure as to what they want to do with their career, however, they are magnificently creative, quite possibly musically, and they have a heart of gold.

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