Busy mum-of-two reveals the six simple things she does to make mornings run more smoothly & a kids’ chore chart is key

LIFE with children can be challenging, so anything to help mornings run more smoothly is, no doubt, a god send for most.

And busy mum-of-two Daisy Woods swears by a few simple things she does each day to create stress-free days, every day.

Posting on TikTok, the busy mum – whose boys are three and (almost) two – revealed there are six things she does to breeze through often chaotic mornings.

In the clip, Daisy started by saying that she will ALWAYS put the dishwasher on the night before and will empty it first thing in the morning.

While it might not seem like much, having a clean kitchen with plates, bowls and cups ready to go means you start the day on a high – and that's always a plus.

Next, the mum-of-two said that planning the kids outfits the night before helps speed things up in the morning, and all she has to do is "collect" them.

Same goes for any "bits" she needs in the morning to get the kids ready, such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, baby wipes and a hair brush.

Daisy will pop these essentials in a small box which she can easily move around the house so she can get them ready anywhere in the house – saving time.

Creating a kids' "chore chart" though as been a "god send" for Daisy who said it keeps her three-year-old accountable for getting himself ready.

She admitted that her youngest still needs some assistance, but her oldest son can do simple tasks, such as brush his teeth and put his shoes on, without any help.

The chart – which she hangs on the wall -lists each of the simple tasks, along with a tab hanging down for each.

When her son has completed that specific chore, he will fold the tab up – and when all tasks are complete, he will see "WELL DONE".

What's more, Daisy said that she will always try and meal plan as she finds it makes everything "less stressful".

So too does "activity planning" which she writes on a wall-mounted blackboard.

By planning out the day's activities, Daisy feels as though it runs more smoothly, and the kids can see what's planned, too.

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