Cardi B’s BET Awards Outfits Were So Good, They Will Make You Green With Envy

Cardi B may have skipped the red carpet at the BET Awards, but she opened the show like no other — and looked really good doing it. After debuting some her most stellar looks at the Grammys and the Met Gala this year, Cardi B wore not one but two green outfits to the 2019 BET Awards. You’ll roll your R’s hard when you say “Okurrr” to these looks.

To say Cardi is a new-age fashion icon is a serious understatement. The rapper has proven her talents go beyond spitting wild bars and flows over beats, extending to the realms of style. Cardi kicked off the BET Awards with an emerald performance outfit that featured a cut-out corset and puffy sleeves. In typical Bardi fashion, the look featured some serious chaps and a bikini-like structure. Add a little crystal flare, and you have a certified look.

For the performance, Cardi kept her hair in a sleek lob that she flipped around effortlessly. With her makeup, the star kept the focus on her eyes. With bold lashes, thick liner, and some serious eyeshadow sparkle, Cardi’s nude lip added the perfect contrast to the eye-focused drama.

Soon after her performance, Cardi accepted an award for Album of the Year for Invasion Of Privacy— and she wore a different shade of green to do so. But, trust me, this look will make you just as envious as the first. Cardi’s lime look will remind you of Nickelodeon slime — but only the most glam slime you’ve ever seen.

With structured shoulders that would make even the most evil Disney villain jealous, Cardi’s award acceptance look was glimmering with crystal detail. The lime look had intricate braiding at the top and a structured bodice. Instead of a skirt, the long-sleeved bodysuit had strips of fabric hanging down for length and drama. The strips were so long, in fact, that Cardi carefully tip-toed up the stage stairs to collect the award and not trip.

Though Cardi kept her makeup the same as her performance look, she pulled her hair into a sleek ponytail and added on some seriously expensive earrings to complete phase two of her BET looks. The outfit was fit for a certified winner — as Cardi was at the BET Awards.

You can expect way more of Cardi on tonight’s stage as one of the top nominees of the night. For the 2019 BET Awards, Cardi has seven nominations in five categories. In two categories, Best Collaboration and Video of the Year, she is competing with herself. Now that’s some major boss energy.

Forget "Bodak Yellow." Cardi B’s all about making you green with style envy.

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