Charli XCX Isn't a Trend Follower

If you've ever listened to Charli XCX's electric music, admired her edgy fashion sense (which matches her badass demeanor), or browsed her hilariously chaotic Instagram and TikTok pages, you know the artist isn't about sticking to the status quo.

That's why the "Boom Clap" artist partnered with Pandora as a part of their new PandoraMe campaign alongside fellow cool kids Addison Rae, Donte Colley, Beabadoobee, and Cecilia Cantarano. The fun line of jewelry is completely customizable and stackable, allowing it to match style and personality (hence the name: PandoraME).

"The whole vibe of the collection is that you can wear it however you want," Charli XCX tells InStyle over the phone. "You [can] kind of break the rules with jewelry and adapt it to every side of your personality." Like building blocks, the pieces start with link chains, and each link (you can choose from silver, rose gold, and black metal) can easily be removed or swapped out. The line also has a whole collection of medallions, charms, and other playful accents that you can add (and just as easily take off) so you can constantly keep your style in sync with your mood.

"It works for a lot of different styles, but that's kind of the vibe of this collection," Charli explains. "It's allowing you to express yourself." In fact, that's part of why the pop star was so excited about being involved. She tells us she's always dressing depending on her mindset and not "trends" set by anyone else. "I've always kind of worn funkier jewelry," she says. "I just wear what I want and dress for my mood." And the different pieces — specifically the medallions and charms — allow her to embrace her "funky" taste in jewelry (one of her favorites is a smiley-face charm that she says has a "rave vibe.")

The jewelry seamlessly matches her nostalgic, self-proclaimed "90s and Y2K" style, which just so happens to be taking the fashion world by storm right about now. But don't get it twisted: remember Charli doesn't follow trends, she's the one setting them.

The '90s and 2000s aren't the only decades she gets inspiration from, and her jewelry isn't the only thing that's inspired by the past. The hitmaker is currently working on an album (to drop next year) that's influenced by the '80s. "It's kind of all about sex and sexuality," she shares with us. "It can make people dance and cry at the same time. It's a vibe." (Just me or did she just describe anyone else's 2021?)

You can channel Charli in all her badassery, and shop her PandoraME edit available at and in U.S. Pandora stores.

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