Cleaning expert says her recipe will create the ultimate product that keeps your home fresh with just three ingredients

A LIFESTYLE expert has shared one of her top tips to keep your home tidy between cleanings.  

She has a recipe that creates “lime power balls,” which she claims can be used in several different places in the house.

“I’m almost positive that your cleaning schedule calls for you to do a deep clean to your kitchen and bathroom at least once a week,” she said in a video she shared to her popular TikTok page.

“I did wanna help you cut that time in half so you can keep that area clean and smelling fresh.”

She then revealed that her homemade lime power balls are her secret trick to keeping her house clean around the clock. 

“You can put these in your sinks, you can put them in your toilets, you can put them in your showers, and your tubs,” she explained. 

“Anywhere where there’s a flow of water.”

Her cleaning balls require five cups of baking soda, one cup of Ajax multipurpose lime-scented cleaner, and half a cup of odor-eliminating Dawn Platinum dish soap.  

She instructed her followers to roll the mixture into balls and then let them sit out in the sun for two hours.

She then suggested rolling the balls one more time to help make them firmer. 

“Now during that time in the middle between your last cleaning and your next deep clean, you’re gonna grab one of those balls and throw them in,” she said.

Using a toilet as an example, she threw a ball in and then quickly scrubbed.

“You scrub away and in this case, my toilet will be clean [and] smell fresh until it’s cleaning day,” she concluded. 

While many people were intrigued by the idea of these cleaning balls, many were also surprised how frequently she believes people clean. 

“I have no cleaning schedule let alone deep clean,” one user commented. 

“We’re supposed to have a cleaning schedule?” another person wrote with crying emojis. 

The cleaning expert replied in the comment section that her page is a
"no judgment zone,” and she does not judge people by how much – or how little – they clean their homes. 

While the poster has never had an issue with her cleaning balls, it is important to note that not all cleaning products are safe to mix together, per the Toxicology Education Foundation.

People should always check the ingredients of their products before mixing them.

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