Cleaning fan reveals five places you forget to clean including tops of doors & her tips will make house smell amazing

WE can't deny that we're very good at making our homes look absolutely immaculate – but take a closer look and you'll probably find everything is coated in a thin layer of dust. *shivers*

Well if anything is going to inspire us to give our living space a deep clean, it's the prospect of making everything look and smell amazing.

Earlier this month, mum Ffion Bloomfield – who runs the TikTok account Blooms Abode – shared the five most common places people forget to clean and her top tips for scenting your home while you're at it.

Chatting her 9,000 followers through each step, the pro started with toothbrushes.

To get rid of the build-up of toothpaste, the mum fills a cup with hot water and dissolves a denture tablet into it before leaving the brushes to soak overnight.

Her second tip was to wipe down your radiators with fabric softener – as not only does it get rid of any grime but it also makes the house smell incredible too.

She wrote: "Radiators – use a cap of fabric softener with a cup of water and wipe. It gets rid of marks and smells amazing!"

Clogged sink? This savvy mum used a combination of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to dissolve any blockages before pouring boiling water to blast any lingering smells.

The mum's fourth tip involved removing your extractors from your oven hood and giving them a thorough deep clean with some household essentials.

She added: "Extractor – two caps of soda crystals, washing up liquid and boiling water.

After giving them a good scrub, the mum reattached the extractor which now smelt heavenly.

Finally, the mum used Fabulosa's peach-scented surface polish to remove lingering dirt from her door frames.

After spraying the product onto a microfibre cloth, the mum added: "Polish and wipe – look at that dust!"

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