Couple buy old home for £216k at 24 & turn it into dream house after pandemic ruined chances to buy ‘perfect’ first pad

A YOUNG couple, whose hopes of buying a "perfect first home" were dashed by the pandemic, purchased a run-down home for £216k at just 24 years old and are slowly but surely turning it into their dream house.

TikTok user @this_home_bird has been sharing their renovation journey online after purchasing a run-down fixer-upper, thanks to Covid-19 and rising house prices meant they could no longer afford the dream home they'd set their sights on.

So, they decided to switch tactics and opt for a home that needed some serious TLC, with the couple stumbling on a three-bedroom house in the West Midlands that had only had one previous owner.

In need of a lot of work, the entire house needed to be stripped apart and the couple, who are just one month into their renovations, have already "painstakingly" removed wallpaper from every wall in the house.

They've knocked through walls they no longer need, torn down a spider-infested shed and rewired the whole house in their bid to turn the property into their dream home.

Sharing a video – that has been watched 788k times already online – of the process so far, the couple joked: "Our first home renovation journey so far who’s laughing now COVID."

In their post, they explained: "We saved for years to buy our perfect first home but Covid and the rise in house prices meant we couldn't afford the home we wanted anymore.

"So we decided to change our approach and and buy a house that we could TURN INTO our perfect first home.

"We bought this three-bedroom house at aged 24 and 25 for £216,500. It only had ONE previous owner. We had no idea where to start, but we got going straight away."

The house came with dated carpets and old-fashioned furnishings, with the couple ripping out what they didn't want and throwing themselves into redesigning the inside.

"We made a LOT of mess, spent hours cleaning up. Painstakingly removed years worth of wallpaper from every wall, made a time capsule to hide in the house for future generations, re-wired the whole house," they revealed.

Along with drinking "endless cups of tea" and tirelessly "working through the worst heatwave", the couple added: "[We] tore down a spider infested shed, planted a little garden and tried our hand at plastering… and we're only ONE MONTH IN."

We made a LOT of mess, spent hours cleaning up and painstakingly removed years worth of wallpaper from every wall

People were left impressed with the couple's renovations so far, with hundreds commenting on their post.

"Woah, you've done so much in just one month," said one viewer, while another commented: "I can't wait for the end result, I've got a feeling it's going to be gorgeous."

Some could relate to their renovation journey, with one person posting: "We're in the process of this. It is so STRESSFUL but soo worth every amount of stress."

Others were left impressed and quizzed the couple on how they were able to save for their first time property.

One person asked: "Currently 21 hoping to buy next year, any advice?"

They replied: "Just save, save, save. In a Lifetime ISA if you can so you can get the government bonus."

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