Expert reveals a concerning sign about Travis Scott's behavior – and whether he and Kylie Jenner will go the distance | The Sun

IN this week's Reading the Stars – The U.S. Sun's lifestyle column from The AstroTwins – Ophira and Tali Edut delve into the Kardashians' love lives.

The youngest of the siblings, Kylie Jenner started her own family with Travis Scott at quite a young age – so what do the stars say about whether the pair will go the distance?

Kylie, 25, and Travis, 31, have had a complicated and at times confusing relationship.

But the lovebirds have so far welcomed two kids together, four-year-old Stormi and a seven-month-old son.

"While they may go in and out of a formal commitment, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have a deep spiritual connection that defies explanation," say the AstroTwins.

"She’s a Leo and he’s a Taurus, making them two strong leaders who have to adapt to each other’s way of life.

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"Neither sign is great at adapting to someone else’s, which could explain why they don’t live together, despite having two children."

Travis, in particular, has an independent streak.

"As a stubborn Taurus with a freedom-loving Sagittarius moon, Travis needs his own space – and he has plenty of it… $36 million of it!

"Taurus the bull has two speeds: on or off. He reportedly claims he doesn’t want to mix his music mogul lifestyle with his dad persona, and living separately allows him to do both. That’s Taurus logic for sure!

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"Travis is also in a key maturity cycle called the Saturn return, a time when people become ready for 'adulting' and grownup responsibilities.

"His Saturn return ends in March 2023, and we predict he may take the next big step with Kylie after that.

"Pro tip to these two: Skip the holiday proposals in 2022 if you’re thinking of one, because the planets are not aligned for it!

"In their combined chart, Kylie and Travis are a Gemini Supercouple with a Scorpio moon. Their bond is tight – these two are soulmates and twin flames rolled into one!

"We predict they’ll keep drifting back to each other, but they’ll never be fully put into a traditional relationship box.

"Luckily, Kylie is a Leo queen who’s not really given over to following other people’s rules. With her ambitious and driven Capricorn rising, work consumes a lot of her time.

"However, this chart makes her a planner, and at a certain point, she’ll want some boxes ticked. But she’s a long way off from her own Saturn return (it starts in 2025).

"Despite her young mogul-mom life, Kylie has a lot of learning and growing ahead in the coming years," the twins say.

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