Expert shares how to make old rattan garden furniture look brand new & all you need is stuff from your kitchen cupboards

NOW summer is here, people everywhere are looking to spruce up their gardens, but splashing out on new furniture to deck out your outdoor space can be pretty expensive.

So, why not save yourself some cash by sprucing up the table and chairs you already have?

An expert has revealed that all you need is things that can be found in your kitchen cupboard and you'll have your old rattan furniture looking as good as new.

Ryan Schwarze, Head of Luxury Rattan, has shared his six top tips for restoring rattan and why olive oil will come in handy.

Gently clean

The first step in sprucing up your rattan is to give the furniture you have a gentle clean to start with, wiping away or vacuuming any dirt or build-up.

If you come across stubborn areas, use a toothbrush to loosen and wipe away with a soft cloth.

Ryan warns that it's important not to use harsh chemicals on your rattan furniture and instead recommends cleaning it with warm soapy water using washing up liquid.

Freshen up the feet

Once your furniture is clean, the next step is to tackle the feet of your table and chairs, as they can often be damaged from being scraped across the patio.

If they are damaged, the feet can easily be restored as Ryan explains: "Simply replace the bottoms with new pads to bring them back to life and improve their longevity.”

Oil it up

Rattan over time can wear away, fade and discolour, so if yours is looking a little rough around the edges then it's time to delve into your kitchen cupboards and pulling out the olive oil.

Ryan swears by olive oil to rehydrate old rattan, as it reduces cracking and adds a shine to the furniture.

"If you have an old piece of rattan furniture that is looking worse for wear, I would recommend using a soft cloth and rubbing some olive oil onto the product," he explains.

"This will reduce cracking and add a glossy shine to your rattan, making it look as good as new."

Replace the weave

Don't be so quick to throw away your furniture if you notice that the weave on your rattan is damaged.

Instead, channel your inner DIY enthusiast and remove the broken weave or cut it to get rid of the damage and then replace with a new strand.

"Using a piece of replacement strand, simply weave it through the rattan and follow the original pattern – depending on the length of the strand you can either add glue along the piece or at each end to secure it properly," says Ryan.

Freshen up

Of course, one easy way to give your old rattan furniture a new lease of life is to give it a fresh coat of paint – and it's a much cheaper option to investing in new furniture too.

Ryan recommends using spray paint to give your rattan a makeover and it's important to ensure that the furniture is clean and dry before you begin.

Coat your furniture in a primer first and allow to completely dry before going over with spray paint and if adding extra coats, ensure the paint is dry enough before going in with another layer.

A top coat is needed to seal the job, but be sure to check which type of rattan you have before painting.

Modern synthetic or poly rattan shouldn't be painted as it is usually fully weatherproof and comes coated to protect the material.

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