Experts reveal the correct way to load your dishwasher – and you’ve definitely been doing it wrong

LOADING the dishwasher is one of those foolproof tasks that is hard to get wrong, right?

Well not according to experts at Bon Appetit magazine who have revealed the “correct” way to stack it, and we’ve definitely been doing it wrong.

Here we reveal the simple tips that will guarantee you get a sparkling clean load every time.

Don’t bother pre-rinsing

While Hinchers will attest that every plate needs a good rinse before it is stacked, Bon Appetit claims that is not the case.

They say: “If you’ve got a full load ready to go, scrape off the serious gunk and bits of food, hit start, and don’t look back.”

The only exception is if your old dishwasher is consistently producing a dirty load – in which case a quick rinse won’t hurt.

Load from back to front

This simply makes it easier to fit more in. You should then unload from bottom to top to avoid dripping.

Plastics should stick on the top shelf as they are prone to melt and any cups should be placed face down on a right angle so they don’t collect water.

Cutlery should be socially distanced

Dishwashers were made for cutlery, but there is a right and a wrong way of going about it.

Forks and spoons should be stacked pointy side up for the most effective clean while knives should be going sharp side down, for safety reasons.

Cutlery should also be “socially distanced” so avoid overcrowding.

And things you should never machine wash

If you’re anything like us you will try and get as much in the dishwasher as possible to avoid tedious washing up.

However, Bon Appetit claims that there are several things you should omit from the cycle.

Sharp knives will dull if machine washed, non-stick pans are at risk of losing their, well non-stickiness and anything wooden is prone to warping.

The rule is, “Don’t put anything in there that you couldn’t (or wouldn’t want to) replace—ceramics, family heirlooms, fine china.”

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