Fiendishly tricky puzzle challenges you to spot Rudolph among the reindeer in under 30 seconds

TIER four left you short of plans this weekend? Don’t worry we’ve got just the thing to keep you busy.

This fiendishly tricky festive puzzle is challenging players to spot Rudolph among the green-nosed reindeer.

While you would think his bright red nose might be easy to spot, you would be mistaken as all the other reindeer have a colourful nose of their own.

And with several Christmas trees and presents dotted about on the snowy landscape, the red honker is even more tricky to find.

Devised by Savoo, the brainteaser is said to take puzzlers around 30-seconds to spot – but can you get it any faster?

Reckon you’ve found him? Scroll down to check your answers – but no cheating!

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