Five ways to have the best sex of your life… and why your SCALP is the key to your pleasure

WE’VE all seen that famous Friends episode, the one with the erogenous zones.

Well, according to Monica Gellar, when it comes to female sexuality there are seven of them to consider.

You’ll probably be familiar with most of them, but what happens when you step out of that familiar zone and into unchartered territory?

Pleasure… that’s what! Here sex and relationship expert Anabelle Knight guides you through five unexpected erogenous zones, so that you can enjoy the happiest and healthiest sex life possible.


Packed with sensual nerve endings the scalp is one of the best unknown
erogenous zones. Don’t believe me?

Then try the Sedol Portable Head Massager and thank me later. If you prefer manual stimulation, then have your partner use the very tips of their fingers, to gently massage your scalp.

The less surface area you touch the more heightened those sensations will be.


We’re rarely touched here, unless being restrained so the wrist holds a
certain level of taboo.

It’s also right at the very point where our bodies become more intimate, use your thumbs to stimulate the inner wrist in a circular motion, you’ll even be able to feel your partners pulse quicken, so you’ll know exactly when you’re on the right track.


I’m talking about the little padded soft spot behind your knee. This area is
another one that is rarely touched, this means that you’ll get a little thrill when your
partner ventures there.

It also happens to be extremely rich in nerves, all waiting to be stimulated by gentle strokes.

I’d recommend getting your partner to use their fingertips in a back and forth stroking motion to excite this area. It’s also a good idea to experiment with the pressure levels too so you can tailor make your play.


Lots of people shy away from foot play, but the toes aren’t just for people with a foot fetish, in fact they can be an extremely sexy place to visit during foreplay.

While some people steer clear, worried about being tickled, lots of people enjoy having their tootsies licked, sucked or stroked.

The toes can be a very pleasurable part of your sex life thanks to the five nerves that supply sensation, just make sure you’ve got clean feet before play and you’re all good to go!


Often overlooked, or hidden away your stomach could be the key to unlocking your pleasure potential. It’s temptingly close to your main erogenous zone, so resisting temptation can feel extremely thrilling.

Your stomach also happens to be a fantastic spot for engaging in temperature play. Have your partner hold a hot, or cold drink in their mouths for a few seconds then use their lips and tongue to kiss and lick their way around your navel.

If you want to take things even further use a glass of metal massage want, such as the Fifty Shades of Grey Drive Me Crazy massager. Submerge this toy in hot or cold water until it reaches your desired temperature!

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If you’re wanting to try out any of my top five unknown erogenous zones then I suggest you do so with a little helping of orgasm balm or gel, such as the Bliss Orgasm Balm from lovehoney.

Balms and gels are usually packed with nerve tingling ingredients designed to encourage blood to flow to the surface of the skin, making you more responsive to touch.

This heightened sensitivity will almost certainly increase your arousal levels and make your experience even better!

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