From being branded FAT to being 'cursed' & having pregnancy announced online – women reveal horror mother-in-law stories

THE relationship between mothers and daughters-in-law can be testy to say the least, but for some women, it can reach a whole new level.

And from accusing their sons' wives of cheating, to branding them fat and even placing a curse on them, some women have reported some very extreme behaviour over the years.

Now a mum has shocked the internet after revealing how her mother-in-law ruined her pregnancy announcement, by sharing the news herself on social media.

TikTok user Morgan Lee revealed how her ‘monster-in-law’ sneakily shared the news on Facebook, before she'd even had chance to tell her own family.

Her video has since received hundreds of thousands of views and a stream of comments from fellow TikTok users who were outraged by her mother-in-law’s behaviour.

But she's far from alone. Here we look at some more shocking claims from women about their 'monster-in-laws' on secret-sharing app whisper…

One wife said than an evil in-law had taught her two-year-old to swear at her, whilst another revealed how her monstrous mother-in-law kept digging at her for being "fat".

One of the uncomfortable anecdotes read: "My mother-in-law taught my two-year-old to call me a b****."

Another in-law horror story read: "I overheard my soon-to-be mother-in-law call me a 'trashy red-neck'. I'll never be able to prove her wrong, so I'm going to prove her right. Wedding theme? Camo."

And perhaps the worst story of all saw one mother-in-law falsely accuse a woman of cheating on her son, after demanding that she has an abortion.

Whilst one wife was told by her mother-in-law that she wished her son had never married her, another was forced to put up with an in-law who tried to put a curse on her.

And one scheming mum asked her daughter-in-law to miss her pill, so that she would 'accidentally' get pregnant.

Another sick scheme saw a mother-in-law plot to break up an army wife's marriage to her son.

The unfortunate daughter-in-law said: "My mother-in-law admitted to me that she aims to ruin my marriage. She even shared with me how.

"She plans to tell my husband she caught me cheating while he deployed."

One woman said: "I dyed my hair and my mother-in-law tells me, you don't look as pale and tired anymore.. Well thank you!!"

And another unfortunate bride told her her husband's mother wore a sparkly prom dress to the wedding in a bid to upstage her.

But the most insensitive of all is surely the mother-in-law who criticised someone for wearing a jacket to cover the scars a skin condition left on her arms.

The post says: "My mother-in-law told me I don't have to wear my jacket all the time to hide my stomach because they already know I'm fat.

"I actually wear it to hide the KP (keratosis pilaris) scars on my arms."

Some men even joined in to share their horror stories, with one describing how he took the wise decision to shut an evil in-law out of his life.

He said: "When I got married my mother-in-law didn't want my black friend at our wedding.

"I insisted. 25 years later, I'm still married and I've still got my best friend. My wife's mother is out of our lives."

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