Garlic prawns named the worst food to order on a first date, poll reveals

GARLIC prawns are the worst food to order on a first date, a poll reveals.

Onion bhaji is the second top romance wrecker.

Chicken and chips is best to order if you want that first meal together to put passion on the menu.

And pizza might also lead to a slice of the action, suggests the poll of 2,000 Brits by Peperami Chicken Bites.

The study found that 22 per cent of Brits would consider dumping a first date if they didn’t like their choice of food during their first meal together.

Just over 50 per cent said that if their first date liked the same food as they did, they were more likely to find them attractive.

Dr Christy Fergusson, a food psychologist, said: “It isn’t surprising to hear that food plays such an important role when searching for a partner. 

“What someone eats and the food choices they make can give important insights into who they are.

“In dating it helps us to assess if they are going to be a good fit for us and our lifestyle and values. Food choice compatibility can be key in dating.”

A Peperami spokesman said: “It’s interesting to understand how food can influence who we fall for and how ordering a controversial dish could mean the end of a short-lived romance.”

Top ten date no-nos

The top ten no-nos for that crucial date are:

1 – Garlic prawns – 36 per cent
2 – Onion bhaji – 23 per cent
3 – Spare ribs – 14 per cent
4 – Shellfish – 13 per cent
5 – Corn on the cob – 12 per cent
6 – Fish – 10 per dent
7 – Sushi – 10 per cent
8 – Hot dog – 8 per cent
9 – Beans – 7 per cent
10 – Soup – 5 per cent

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