Girl, four, leaves her mum in hysterics after accidentally saying ‘this is how we f*** it up’ while eating pasta – The Sun

A MUM was left in hysterics when her little girl eating pasta mispronounces 'fork' saying "This is how we f**k it up."

Alexandra 'Lexi' Gabriel, four, was having tagliatelle with older sister Jessica, six, last July when she dropped the f-bomb.

Filmed by unbelieving mum Victoria, 36, the video shows mischievous Lexi twirling pasta on her fork before saying: "Look, this is how we f**k it up."

Victoria, a retail manager, asks: "This is how we do what, Lexi?"

Lexi then says AGAIN: "F**k it up."

Shocked mum Victoria, of Margate, Kent, said: "I really had to try not to laugh or make a bigger deal of her saying that word.

"Lexi and Jessica were having tagliatelle for the first time, and I was showing them how to twirl up pasta using a fork.

"I said to them both – 'this is how we fork it up'.

"Instead, Lexi said – 'look, this is how we f**k it up'.

"I had to correct her by emphasising the word 'fork' without giving it away."

She added: "Jessica is more laid-back, but Lexi is definitely the handful.

"If she'd caught on to what she was really saying, she'd still be using that word."

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