Having kids ruined our marriage… parents' shock confessions totally divide opinion | The Sun

HAVING kids isn't for everyone, it's no secret that raising little ones comes with loads of challenges and arguments.

But couples from across the globe have admitted to regretting ever having kids, saying they've completely ruined their marriages.

The brutal confessions were shared on Whisper, a website where people can anonymously share their thoughts, and some of them have divided the internet.

One parent wrote: "Pregnancy ruined our marriage, he didn't touch me the entire nine months either.

"The worst part is he keeps telling me he wants more kids, uh how about no! I never want to be pregnant again."

Another mum confessed that she just didn't love her husband the same way after giving birth, she wrote: "I thought I loved my husband until we had kids.

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"Now I know what real love feels like, and I don't have that for him."

But it wasn't just mums that felt their relationship with their partner changed after having kids, a husband from Deer Lodge, in Canada made a particularly harsh admission.

His wife explained: "My husband admitted today that he no longer loves our children, he still loves me and would be willing to continue our relationship if we put our kids up for adoption."

Another stressed bloke confessed: "Having kids ruined our marriage, but now I would prefer to be a single dad than married without kids."

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The secrets didn't end there though, some users said that they didn't like how their partners wanted to raise their kids at all.

"Our parenting styles couldn't be more different," a dad said, explaining that he wished his wife would be more strict.

Others were convinced their husband's would be the perfect partner, but the reality was far from that.

One mum, from Reo, Georgia wrote: "My husband acted like he'd be a great father, until we had kids.

"He pays the bills but he's not a great father. It's taking quite the toll on our marriage."

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And although most of the couples wanted to try and pull through the difficult period of their relationships, others were ready to call it quits after having kids.

"Having a baby made me realise my husband was a huge mistake," a woman confessed.

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