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A HOME pro has shared her top tips on when to replace household essentials like toilet brushes, sheets and pans – and it's probably more often than you might think.

Lauren Kochanowski took to the Homemaking.com website to share her list of 14 everyday items that need replacing frequently, with loo brushes among them.

"Your toilet brush has a tough job! Be sure to toss it and get a new one once or twice a year," she wrote.

And that's not the only bathroom accessory you should renew every now and then.

Lauren added that bath towels should be washed every two to three uses.

But when it comes to replacing them, you shouldn't leave it any longer than two years.

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Or, as soon as "they lose their absorption abilities or start to smell".

Also in the bathroom, don't forget about your shower curtains and bath mats, which should be replaced every three months and every year respectively.

Moving over to the bedroom, how often do you replace your sheets?

"Even when washed regularly, bed sheets should be replaced about every two years," Lauren advised.

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And even the highest quality mattress won't survive longer than eight years.

It should also be regularly turned over as well.

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We all use them to cook with but how many of us chuck our pans after five years?

"Even non-stick cookware will lose its non-stick coating, and will have to be replaced every five years or so," Lauren said.


Sheets: Every two years

Mattress: Every seven to eight years

Small kitchen appliances: Every 12 years

Non-stick pans: Every five years 

Towels: Every two years

Toilet brush: Every six months to a year 

Shower curtain: Every three months 

Bath mat: Every year

Sponges: When damaged or they begin to smell  

Sofa: Every seven to 15 years 

Door mat: When bristles wear out 

Throw pillows: Every five to ten years

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