HRVY talks being a 'single Pringle', fans and hanging out with Sir Paul McCartney

WHY are men so obsessed with trainers?

It’s one thing we can control. Your hair goes, your skin will turn wrinkly, but your trainers can always look good. When I meet a person I look at their eyes, their smile and their shoes. I love trainers. I have more than 30 pairs.

So you’re into fashion?

I like to think I am. I like my Gucci bags. I’d love to have my own fashion label one day. I love that Post Malone did a collaboration with Crocs and he made them a sell-out. That’s cool.

You got signed to a label after putting your videos on YouTube when you were 14. Do you think social media is the best way to get into music now?

I do think it’s a good way to do it. It’s helped me reach an audience and speak to people all over the world.

We bet you had some crazy nights out on tour with The Vamps…

They’re all party animals. They’re always the last ones in the club. Tristan’s the worst. We had one night out in Manchester after the last show that was really fun. One of my dancers got so drunk that she had to be carried across a car park.

When was the last time you felt star-struck?

I met Paul McCartney in LA. We talked about his music coming out and just life really. It was like chatting to my grandad. In a nice way!

Who’s your musical guilty pleasure?

I really like Carly Rae Jepsen’s new tune. I heard it and I was like: “Coming through, Carly, fair play!”

You have some very intense fans. What’s the strangest thing a fan’s done for you?

One girl had a puppy and when I said I liked it she said: “You should have it,” and tried to give me her dog! It was a kind gesture and the puppy was really cute, but it wouldn’t have worked out.

What are the pressures of finding fame young?

I’m aware of being a role model because I know a lot of young people follow me, so I have to be careful what I say on the internet. I make sure that I’m myself online, but I don’t ever want to offend anyone so I steer clear of politics and religion.

Are you in a relationship at the moment?

I’m a single Pringle. For now it’s OK because I’m focused on my career. If you put pressure on these things they never come. But I would really love to meet someone and be part of an iconic couple, like Posh and Becks.

Would you ever date a fan?

Yeah, it makes it easier because they already love you!

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Musically, Ed Sheeran. He’s an amazing writer and already a legend. I’d also love to collaborate on a fashion line – Kanye West would be good.

What’s on your rider?

Just water and Haribo. I’ve got a sweet tooth but no one is picking out the blue M&Ms for me. I’m not a diva yet. Wait until I’ve collaborated with Kanye and then I will be.

Your real name is Harvey – what have you got against vowels?

My team thought HRVY was cool and it stuck. But, yeah, I hate vowels! They make everything too long.

BTW: Did you know?

  • HRVY has 4.2million Insta followers and 2.1million YouTube subscribers
  • His younger brother Elliott joined us shopping
  • HRVY went straight to the Radio 1 studios after our chat
  • HRVY’s new single Told You So is out now.
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