I asked my husband to take cute pictures of me in labor – the resulting snap will ‘forever make us laugh’ | The Sun

A NEW mom has shared the hilarious photo her husband took while she was in labor that will "forever make us laugh."

She asked him to take cute pictures to memorialize the moment, but the resulting snap showed something entirely different.

Nicole Atkinson (@nicoleaatkinson) is a content creator and new mama that shares her daily life online.

Almost every new mother wants to chronicle her labor and delivery process, so they can cherish the experience forever.

In a TikTok video, the brunette explained how her photos were less than ideal, despite asking her husband to take cute pictures.

From pregnancy to childbirth, there is one photo in particular that will forever make the couple laugh from the birth story of their son.

When the video began, Atkinson sat in a car as she looked at the camera and made funny facial expressions.

"You tell your husband to take cute pictures when you're in labor with your son," the subtitle in the center of the visual read.

The moment is then followed by a still photo of Atkinson sitting in a hospital bed staring ahead with a blank expression on her face as someone sat at her side consoling her.

Funnily enough, the content creator isn't at the forefront of the picture but rather a blurry fixture in the background.

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She was not pictured in the best light and did not look cute like she wanted.

What took center stage was the Dunkin Donuts coffee cup that was held out in front of the camera and partially covered Atkinson's body.

Thankfully, the husband-wife duo took the moment in jest and she wrote in the video's caption that it "will forever make us laugh."

Many people saw the humor in the situation and shared their feedback in the comments.

"My husband totally forgot to take some for our last kid," one viewer shared.

"It’s adorable!" another added.

"No he did not," a fan chimed in.

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