I caked my face in make-up for my passport photo – people say I Iook so different that customs will never let me in | The Sun

AN INFLUENCER has been warned customs won’t let her cross borders after trying the viral passport photo make-up trend.

Chelsea Rice got glammed up to renew her travel document and wanted her face to look chiselled.

The 29-year-old assured that she wasn’t going to let her identification picture for the next ten years look dull.

The beauty guru, who goes by Chelsea Bananas on social media, wanted to look “extra snatched” for the photobooth picture. 

She caked her face in foundation before using concealer to chisel and brighten her face. 

Taking to Tik Tok to share the getting ready process, Chelsea assured her followers to “trust the process”.

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The beauty influencer from Los Angeles, US said: “By God’s grace, I’ll still look like this in ten years when my passport is going to expire.”

Her look was complete with false lashes, razor sharp eyebrows, dark lipliner and a dark pink lipstick.

Chelsea added highlighter to the high points of her face to make sure her facial features looked defined in her new passport picture. 

People warned that such a dramatic make-up transformation could make her unrecognisable when going through airport security and customs.

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But Chelsea revealed it wouldn’t be the first time that had happened to her.

She divulged: “I was getting off a cruise one time and I had no make-up on.

“It was like, super early in the morning and you have to give them your ‘sail and sign’ card, which is basically your ID.

“Every time that they scan it, a picture of you pops up.

“And the picture is taken right when you get on the ship, so you're looking your best, you know what I mean?

“I was getting off the ship and it was six or seven AM, I was on two hours of sleep with no make-up, hungover.

“I was looking really rough.”

The security man scanning her “sail and sign” card pulled her to the side for questioning after thinking the early-risen version of Chelsea wasn’t the same person pictured in the ID.

She had to “talk to him for a few minutes” to convince him she was the person in the picture. 

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Chelsea laughed that she had to explain “what make-up is and how you wear it”.

The beauty guru proudly showed off her new passport photograph to fans after it had been taken and beamed that her face looked “snatched” in it. 

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