I couldn't understand why people were staring at my shorts… & was mortified when I finally spotted awkward design flaw

IN our never-ending quest to replicate everything the Kardashians have ever worn, we've bought into the cycling short trend in a BIG way.

But while our beige-coloured pair were by far our favourite, TikToker Madison Hildreth is making us want to swear them off forever.

Earlier this year, the personal trainer filmed a video of herself after returning from a run in the heatwave.

During her work-out, the social media star couldn't help but notice a few people giving her an odd look and couldn't figure out why.

But it was only when she got home and took a look in the mirror that she spotted the problem with her shorts.

She captioned the clip: "So I noticed people staring at me on my jog this morning.

"I stood in the mirror when I got home… and realised why."

Yep unfortunately for Madison, her light-toned shorts didn't disguise any of her awkward sweat patches and made it look as though she'd wet herself.

The star added: "Lesson of the day: don’t wear light coloured shorts in 90 degree weather…"

The clip has now racked up over 125,000 "likes" and people in the comments were full of sympathy.

One replied: "Embrace the crotch sweat girl. Happens to all of us running and sweating."

Another added: "Showed you were working hard. Own it."

Meanwhile, a third joked: "Don't sweat it.

"I mean, don't worry about it. That's also me at the gym."

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