I did the same food shop in Waitrose & Aldi to see which was cheapest – I thought I knew how it’d go but it surprised me | The Sun

WITH food prices continuing to rise many of us are shopping around to find the best deal. 

You might think that budget stores such as Lidl and Aldi would be your best bet at finding bargains but that isn’t always the case.

One woman decided to find out once and for all whether her essential items grocery shop was cheaper at Waitrose or at Aldi and the results are surprising.

Kate, who goes by @Katesaves online, decided to compare the prices of essential items from Aldi and Waitrose in a Tiktok video. 

Kate found that a pack of six medium eggs in Aldi was £1.29 but in Waitrose Free range white eggs were a little cheaper at £1.25.

150 grams of raspberries in Aldi were £1.89 and in Waitrose a pack of the same size raspberries were selling for 1p more at £1.90.

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However the Waitrose were selling an even cheaper back for same size raspberries which were reduced £1.59.

A 1 kilo bag of carrots if 50p in Aldi and Waitrose are selling the same size bag of carrots for the same price. 

A 500g pack of beef mince with 20 percent fat is selling for £2.19 in Aldi.

But in Waitrose a 500g pack of beef mince with 20 percent fat is a little cheaper at £2.15.

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250 grams of unsalted butter is £1.99 in Aldi but in Waitrose it is just 1p more at £2 reduced from their original price of £2.20.

Kate said: “ALDI vs WAITROSE price comparison, basics edition. Are you surprised?”

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Overall, Kates shop in the upmarket Waitrose cost her £7.80 (£7.49 with reduced raspberries') but her shop in Aldi, which is famous for cheaper prices cost her slightly more at £7.86.

Kate's video gained over 14,000 views.

It seemed many viewers were surprised by the prices she found seemingly taking sides in the comments. 

One user said: “Aldi is no longer the cheapest, their prices have rocketed.”

Another said: “Abandon supermarkets folks. they are making billions shop local, it's cheaper and easier.”

A third said: “I only shop in Waitrose.”

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A fourth commented: “If you go into Waitrose with a plan it will be expensive but if you shop the offers and yellow stickers you’d be surprised how affordable it is! I like Waitrose as well because their fresh fruits and vegetables have a longer shelf life.”

This is not the first supermarket comparison Kate has done, in a previous video she compares Marks and Spencer prices with Lidl, surprisingly M&S came out on top. 

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