I felt vulnerable half-naked – now I earn £4m a year at 28 thanks to side hustle I started in my boyfriend's bedroom | The Sun

FEELING vulnerable in a swimsuit is an experience many know all too well – but one woman has made it her mission to address the issue through her side hustle.

In 2016, Amber Boyers embarked on a mission to begin her own sustainable swimwear collection and help others find their confidence.

Amber was uninspired when it came to sustainable swimwear, until she began thinking up designs that were "more than just pieces of fabric".

Luckily, her university began a competition to win £1200 to fund businesses that did social good.

Amber won the competition and began her side-hustle sustainable swimwear business, Baiia Swimwear.

Ms Boyers she spent some of her childhood growing up in the Solomon Islands surrounded by nature, which inspired her to make more conscious decisions in her business.


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She said: "To win the £1200, I had to prove I had made the business official so I had to whip up a website and took photos of myself in swimwear as I didn’t have money.

“That brought it to life but I wanted to bring something to the market that didn’t already exist, which was a brand that was desirable, but pieces that were functional and more than pieces of fabric to wear the beach.”

Amber worked three jobs whilst beginning her business, and ran all operations from her home.

Baiia's most popular product from their line is their reversible, interchangeable swimsuits that can be worn eight different ways.

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When she cut up her prototype, Amber saw the power in a wrap swimsuit that could be worn on different body shapes.

The company's new bikini wrap suit has already sold 40,000 products, with black being the most popular colour choice.

Other fun colour options and patterns include a black and coffee striped option, and a zebra print which is reversible.

Amber said: “So subtle and classic and timeless – those types of prints are bestsellers.”

The thriving company also is popular among mums breastfeeding and those who have undergone a mastectomy.

Amber is no stranger to hard work – she said she's worked since she was 12 in restaurants and other businesses to make ends meet.

Her hard work has paid off: Baiia Swimwear is on track to make £4.5million in revenue this year.

“I have always been working. I have come to a point where I have attributed a lot of self worth to productivity and I don’t feel safe if I’m not productive,” she explained.

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