I gave my son a unique name but people always make it sound like sick…there's a Facebook group where trolls slag it off | The Sun

A YOUNG mother has revealed that she gave her son a unique name, but people always pronounce it wrong.

Lily-Bee, who is a first-time mum, took to TikTok to explain that she named her baby boy Bleu.

However, the young mother claimed that people often say her son’s moniker wrong and it drives her mad.

In one video, the blonde-haired mum said: “When I named my son ‘Bleu’ because Blue looked too girly but now everyone thinks it’s pronounced bluh.”

Many other parents could relate to Lily-Bee and took to the comments to express this.

One person said: “My sons middle name is ‘Bleu’ and lots of people can’t pronounce it” to which Lily-Bee replied “It’s not even said ‘bluh’ in French it’s literally said ‘bloo’. Drives me mad😭” 

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Another added: “Snap my daughters name is Blèu” to which the young mum explained “It was my angel sons middle name, felt right to name my second son Bleu so he would have a piece of his brother❤️” 

Meanwhile, a third commented: “Bleu is definitely more girly than blue, I know many baby girls with bleu in their name” to which Lily-Bee responded “I disagree but thanks for the unnecessary comment.”

In another clip, Lily-Bee explained that people have such a strong hatred for her son’s name, that there are even Facebook groups where people slam the moniker.

She said: “There’s baby name groups on Facebook slagging off your son’s name.

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“Imagine having the time to sit around slagging off other peoples children's names.” 

However, TikTok users were very supportive of the mum and were eager to compliment her choice of name.

One woman noted: “People have nothing better to do, I adore his name.” 

A second agreed: “Looove bleu!!! Preferences differ, no need to be rude??” to which Lily-Bee claimed “That!! And the fact they’ve screenshot a picture of my son and put it onto Facebook slating his name in group. It’s disgusting.” 

Someone else posted: “People are weird lol, I loveee the name I was gonna use it for my daughter before i decided on her current name!”

Whilst another user commented: “God, I couldn’t imagine what people would say about my children’s names 😂 so weird, honestly!”.

Lily-Bee then claimed: “People care too much about other people and what they do it’s weird!!!

“Your children's names are fine, don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

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“There are definitely much worse names out there.

"I love it and that’s all that matters because he’s MY child.”

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