I get greasy hair but sometimes can’t be bothered to wash it all so have a lazy way of fixing it | The Sun

Have you got greasy hair?

Other than shampooing, what's your way or getting rid of it?

Is this the new way to get rid of greasy hair without the elbow grease?

In a recent video online one hair pro has shared her easy fix for dealing with greasy hair when you don’t have a lot of time. 

Quinty said: “When you have greasy hair and don’t have time to wash it all.”

Quinty’s hack is simple she only washed part of her hair.

Instead of washing her hair like she usually would. 

She portions a small section at the front of her hair.

This would be the section of her hair that shows her parting and would visibly show the most grease. 

Then she proceeds to wash and shampoo just this section of her hair with the rest of her hair firmly tied at the back.

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After washing she blow dries just this section of her hair.

Once she is done blow drying she parts the freshly washed section of hair down the middle. 

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The front section of her hair looks clean and you can’t see the rest of her greasy hair.

The video which now has over 838,000 views left some viewers confused as to how the was a hack.

Many argued Quinty hack took just as much time as washing all her hair.

One commenter said: “If u [you] have time to wash the front part [you] have time for the rest.”

Another commenter said: “It would literally take less time just washing all.”

Some commenters disagreed and argued the video was a helpful hack.

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One commenter said: “Y’all done get it having long hair but you need to wash it, it takes forever to blow dry it so yea.”

Another viewer confessed they tried the hack as well.

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