I got so drunk at the Christmas party I did something mortifying, now I think I'll have to quit

OFFICE Christmas parties are typically raucous, lively and an opportunity for employees to let their hair down.

But one person took things too far when they ended up doing something so embarrassing that they are now considering quitting their job.

The person, who opted to remain anonymous, posted on Reddit's AskUK page to gauge other opinions about the mortifying night.

"So I went to the work party," they wrote. "Got totally drunk. Fell asleep in a bar.

"Colleagues had to carry me home with them because they didn’t know where I lived.

"I woke up not knowing where I was and urinated in a bin in their bedroom and left. I’ve only been there 3 weeks! Help!"

In the main section of the post, the person explained that they "feel terrible" about their actions, and are struggling with their "hangover anxiety" making them feel worse.

"Can I just go into work?" they asked. "Apologise and thank the people who helped me? Or do I have to quit?"

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The post quickly attracted comments from readers, many of whom recalled similar experiences they had witnessed and how the situations had been rectified.

"Many years ago at a xmas party, one ad got so drunk, he 'exploded' from every possible orifice," one person wrote.

"Three women went into mum mode, cleaned him up and drove him home.

"He came in on the Monday with three bunches of flowers and honestly was hardly teased about it.

"So I think you'll be fine mate, but I think a gift is in order."

"Even peeing in a bin is forgivable if the people know you well enough," another person commented.

"But he’s been there less than a month!! You don’t need Reddit you need Indeed."

Another person reassured the poster that the situation wasn't as bad as they were thinking it was.

"Next week you won’t even care about this," they wrote. "And if people hang on to it, then they need a sense of humour and maybe to pee in some bins themselves in this life.

"We have all been here. Alcohol does weird things to us."

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