I had a nasty accident when using my eyelash curler & it ripped out ALL of my lashes, I was horrified | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan has revealed her horror after ripping out her entire lash line after slipping while using a pair of eyelash curlers.

Merrick Bourgeois, who is from the US, took to TikTok and shared a video where she explained how she ripped out all of her eyelashes.

In the clip, she begins: "So, everyone who knows me knows I am a huge advocate for the eyelash curler. I keep one in my car, my purse, my makeup bag – the whole nine yards.

"So yesterday, I was curling my eyelashes like normal. I did the right eye, everything was fine, then I go to do my left eye and stop paying attention."

Demonstrating how she looked away, Merrick explains: "So I'm curling them like this not looking.

"Well, my hand slipped and when my hand slipped – gone!
She gone, she dead!


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"Waxed basically my entire eyelash colony off my eyelid – besides three or four."

The beauty fan continues: "Anyways, you can't really notice unless I do that but yeah it hurt pretty damn bad.

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"I thought I got only one, two, maybe three out because it didn't hurt that bad but I definitely felt some of them disappear.

"And so I go to check the eyelash curler and I see my whole lash line stuck to it – hair follicles and everything.

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"It did not miss a beat. It said 'I'm going with the eyelash curler today and man did it!'"

Merrick concludes the video by urging others: "Don't do what I did. Pay attention!

She captioned the post: "My eyelash story RIP."

In a second video, Merrick zooms into the eyelash curlers to reveal the damage – and as she explained, her entire lash line can be seen stuck to the device.

"I'm crying oh my god," she penned.

The video has since racked up a whopping 289,000 views and been flooded with comments online.

"That’s always everyone’s fear," wrote one.

A second vowed: "Never curling my lashes again."


Meanwhile, a fourth penned: "A lesson was learned today."

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A further quipped: "I’m so sorry for your loss."

And one more social media user added: "My mouth dropped."

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