I have a naturally big bust & found the BEST shaping bodysuit – it answered all of my prayers | The Sun

HAVING a large bust can definitely come with a few downsides.

Finding a top that can support the girls is a challenge for many big-busted ladies, but one influencer may have found a solution.

Casee Brim, a fashion expert on TikTok, shared in a video a bodysuit to end all bodysuits for those with larger chests.

In the video's caption, she wrote that the bodysuit: "has answered my naturally bigger bust prayers."

She said: "This is for my girls who have a naturally larger chest like I do, I've come across this bodysuit and I can't even express to you…"

"It's making me feel some kind of way."

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Brim then shimmied off her rope to show off the $89 Smoothing Lace Shapewear Bodysuit from Pinsy.

"The support that you get, not just for the girls, but tummy control and everything," Brim said.

"I feel so snatched in this, it's gorgeous. You can layer."

The fashion pro then showed off her favorite ways to style the bodysuit, which included wearing it under jeans and a blazer and a matching suit set.

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She added: "By the way, I haven't had to adjust the girls once, even getting changed, at all.

"They just stay up and they stay held on too and I don't have that strain on the straps even though they're thin because it's a bodysuit and it all supports together."

Brim also mentioned that the bodysuit is a perfect solution for dresses as it has the right amount of support and a "snatching" effect.

"And it looks cute when I take the dress off," Brim cheekily added.

In the comments section, people seemed just as blown away by the bodysuit suit as Brim.

One wrote: "So cute I need!!"

Another added: "I mean WOOOOOWW."

"The way I gasped. You look amazing in that bodysuit," a third comment read.

Someone else commented: "Omfg the girls look SO good in that…."

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