I left the hospital with my baby only to find out I'm pregnant again… I get judged all the time, but I don't care | The Sun

LIFE is full of surprises – and nobody knows it better than Allanah Harris, a mum-of-three.

After giving birth to baby Chase, Allanah left hospital only to find out shortly afterwards that she was pregnant with the couple's third child.

Allanah and her husband, Brock, from Queensland, Australia, are now parents to three children – Chase, who is now one, six-month-old Ellie and her stepson, James, soon turning four.

Allanah, who has since started to document the Harris' family journey on TikTok, revealed that despite describing it as a blessing, she often gets judged for having children with such a small age gap.

''Whenever I go out I am always told that I have my hands full.

''Yes, my hands may be full but my hearts even fuller,'' she hit back, sharing heart-warming snaps of the two youngest tots.

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But life for the family-of-five hasn't always been this joyful – after falling pregnant on the first date and becoming a stepmum straight away, Allanah realised her pregnancy was complicated and she had to deliver before the due date.

Unfortunately, their daughter Lily, who would've celebrated her second birthday a few months ago, was stillborn and ''gained angel wings''.

''Losing a baby is so hard. This morning, I was having a moment and I just sat on the bottom of my shower and cried,'' Allanah opened up.

''Of course I wish I could hold Lily. I never get to hold her again and I think about that every day.''

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But soon after, there was a glimpse of hope, a ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds, as the couple found out they had fallen pregnant with Chase.

Nine months after the stay-at-home mum had delivered Lily, they welcomed the little boy into the family and James became a big brother.

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And the story didn't end there – Allanah got pregnant straight away again and this time, it was a little girl.

''Now we have Irish twins (or should we say triplets),'' she chuckled, adding that for now, three kids is more than enough to keep them busy.

''I can’t wait to watch them grow up together.''

The Harris family, though sometimes trolled for having children with such a small age gap, has become a favourite for many social media users.

''OMG this is so sweet,'' one person commented.

Another penned: ''Beautiful. Don’t worry about what others think.''

A fellow mum wrote: ''I’m currently 4 months pregnant with a boy and have a 9 month old girl I hope mine have the bond yours do.''

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''What blame? Who the hell cares what others think!

''You take care of them, they're YOUR BLESSING so everybody else can kick rocks!'' a fan added.

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