I look older than my mum – boyfriends want to break up with me for her and all my crushes hit on her

FRESH-FACED Tiktok star Alyssa Kimber looks young and gorgeous – and yet she claims that her mother looks even more youthful, at 20 years older!

On her page, the 26-year-old shares the trials and tribulations of having a mother who she feels her boyfriends want to leave her for and who all of her crushes are interested in.

She also has an 18-year-old sister, Lauren – and the three are creating triple trouble with their glamorous looks!

In one photo from a holiday in Scottsdale, Arizona, the mother appears virtually indistinguishable from her two daughters – and to any onlooker, the trio could easily all be students on a half-term break from university together.

The fashion and lifestyle influencer from Utah regularly posts outfit photos on her page, sometimes posing with her mother – and there is one that she captions, "When your mother looks better at 46 than you do at 26!"

In another post she feigns anger at the situation, captioning another video "When all of my crushes hit on my mom instead of me…."

A viewer commented, "I'm still confused – who is mum and who is daughter?" – presumably exactly the problem Alyssa was trying to avoid.

Another exclaimed, "I thought the mom was going to be the daughter," while a third joked, "Is your mom single though?!"


Can you tell the difference between the two?

In other news, here's another mother who gives her daughter a run for her money in the looks department.

However another mum blends in less comfortably, after swapping her makeup for her daughter's makes her feel like a 'drag queen'.

Plus, as these photos show, it looks as if Katie Price's daughter Princess is morphing into her mum!


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