I named my daughter after a comic book character but didn’t tell my wife, she’s furious but I don’t get it | The Sun

CHOOSING a name for a child is a big decision that many parents struggle with.

One mum has been left raging after her husband chose a name for their daughter, based on a comic book character.

But her husband has been left baffled at why his wife is so annoyed at his name choice. 

Their child is now three-months-old, and the father found himself in the dog house when he finally spilt the beans where the inspiration for his daughter’s name came from.

The conversation initially stemmed from an aunt visiting the home to see the newborn, which left the wife feeling "betrayed" and "humiliated".

Taking to popular forum Reddit, the husband explained: "While we were talking, [the aunt] asked how we came up with our daughter's name, as it's not (in her opinion) 'traditional'.

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"My wife and I both suggested several names during the pregnancy.

"We both agreed that we wanted something pretty, unique enough that there probably won't be two in her class, normal enough that no one would think it was weird, and nothing trendy that will become 'dated'."

After going back and forth with deciding over a name, the married couple finally settled on one that they thought was fitting – Laurel.

The man continued: "My wife explained why she liked the name, but her aunt wanted to know where it came from. 

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“So, my wife turned to me and asked me where I got it.

"I said it was from a comic book. My comment sucked the life out of the room. 

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“My wife got quiet. Her aunt was giving us looks.

"After my wife's aunt left, my wife was mad. 

“She asked why I hid this from her. I didn't.

"I didn't even realise I never told her where I saw the name until now.

“She thinks I betrayed her trust and humiliated her."

The man didn't reveal which comic book the name came from, but it is most likely the popular comic book, Laurel & Hardy by Larry Harmon.

Contemplating whether he did wrong by his wife, the father sought advice from Reddit users who shared their thoughts surrounding the peculiar predicament.

One person asked: "Is she upset that the name is from a comic or that you didn’t tell her where it came from?

"Did you guys have an agreement like no names from pop culture?"

The husband replied: "She's upset about both. 

“She said she wouldn't have picked it if she knew because it's embarrassing.

"But she didn't tell me that or ask, so I didn't know. 

“We both suggested names from pop culture."

Another person joked: "Can't use SheHulk, Titania has the trademark”. 

Someone else added: "She never asked. If it is not Magneto or SheHulk, I don't see a problem.”.

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Another noted: "Depends on the name and the comic.

"Something like Veronica seems pretty harmless but Hit Girl may raise a few eyebrows”. 

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