I panicked before an event and let my mum do my instant fake tan – now I look like I've rolled in something disgusting

BEFORE committing to any kind of social event in the winter months, we need at least a couple days notice. Why? So we can fake tan every inch of our body… obviously.

But even though we consider ourselves total tanning pros, even experts make mistakes sometimes – as TikTok user Lily knows all too well.

Earlier this week, the social media star – who boasts 470k followers – explained how she completely forgot to do her normal beauty routine before an event.

So in a panic, she settled for an instant fake tan which her mum helped her apply in the morning – and let's just say, it gave her TOO much of a glow.

In a viral video that's racked up over 150k "likes", Lily explained how her mum warned that it was coming out a bit dark – but told her to "trust the process".

Unveiling very patchy and orange finish, Lily said: "Tell me why I looked in the mirror and saw THIS. Tell me why!"


Unsure whether to laugh or cry, Lily added: "It's even worse on camera."

What's more, Lily said this is the result when she washed off the tan – and it could have technically left it on for longer… if she'd been brave enough.

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She joked: "[The bottle] says you don't have to wash off for a darker than dark tan […]

"So you can leave it on and go out like this. Like, 'hello girls!'

"'Oh I love your tan – what colour is it? Rolled in s***?'"

She captioned the clip: "I can't believe I'm on the internet like this…"

Needless to say, the video left followers in hysterics.

"I’m not sure what I was expecting but THAT wasn’t it," one wrote.

Another joked: "CRYING."

"It was actually worse than I expected," a third replied.

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