I spent £12k on fake boobs & always get them out…I’m sick of judgy women telling me to cover up & their husbands staring | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she spent over £12,000 on a boob job and often gets stared at by women and their husbands.

Jessy Jordynn has amassed an impressive 70.2k followers and 416.7k likes on TikTok and often posts videos on the social media app, showing off what she describes as her “fake body.” 

She explained that she often gets strange looks from women who stare at her fake boobs and tell her to cover up.

She pointed out that women’s husbands always stare at her chest as she often wears small bikini tops and sports bras, to show off her cosmetic work. 

But regardless of the looks and requests to put some clothes on that she gets from older women, she revealed that will continue to get her breasts out.

Jessy said: “If you think I spent $15k [£12,120] on these just to cover them up because Karen across the road said to cover up because her husband can’t stop staring, you’ve got another thing coming.” 

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Jessy later posted: "Mind your own business.

"Tell your husband I said hi."

The brunette beauty from the United States later confirmed that she had spent a total of $40k [£35,188] on cosmetic procedures.

She added: "Money well spent."

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TikTok users were stunned at Jessy’s figure and gushed over her in the comments. 

One person said: “You look amazing.”

Another added: “If you've got it. flaunt it.”

A third commented: “Never give in!!”

While someone else noted: “If you have them flaunt them.”

Meanwhile, one man posted: "Hahahaha don’t cover up."

In another clip, Jessy explained that women’s husbands will often sneakily try and stare at her when she’s out in public.

As she posed on a beach wearing a small colourful bikini, she said: “When you wear a thong to a family beach in the middle of nowhere and now a bunch of middle age women are giving you the stink eye while their husbands keep giving you side stares.”

However, there were some TikTok users who were critical of Jessy and her cosmetic work.

One woman claimed: “You need to get your money back.”

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A second posted: “You been robbed.”

While a third commented: “Get a refund sis.”

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