I told Tinder date I had seven kids – and was speechless at his response, I’ve officially given up on men

A MUM was left horrified by her Tinder date’s response after she told him that she had seven kids.

TikTok user Katie revealed that she had been trying out the dating app for the first time, sharing her conversation with one man in particular.

Things started off well when the bloke began by complimenting her ‘stunning eyes’, and ensued with the usual chit chat, telling her where he worked and the fact he had one son from a previous relationship.

He then went on to ask Katie about herself and she revealed that she worked as a waitress in Newcastle as it fits around her children.

She then wrote: “I’m a mum to 7 children and also a nan to 1, 5 kids still at home, got my own house and car… I’ve been single just over 2 years now just came on here to see what happens really.”

And it’s at this point where things take a turn as the bloke clearly doesn’t like what he’s read.

“What,” he responds, “7 f***ing kids, are you joking???

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“No wonder you don’t mention that in your bio, no one would message you. F***ing sl** it’s women like you who give others a bad name.”

Horrified, Katie was quick to respond to his cruel comments to defend herself.

“Wow why the hate i do expect people won’t accept it but no need to be mean and talk down to me like that!! (sic),” she said.

She went on to explain that she doesn’t expect anyone to take her kids as they have their own dads on and kindly asks that he not contact her again.

But the Tinder match isn’t through yet, responding:: “Learn to respect others lmao you need to learn to respect yourself love!

“And DADS NOT DAD there’s another problem offering your h*** out to anyone who will take it you f***ing w****.”

He finishes his torade of abuse by making some very crude comments about Katie’s private parts.

Unsurprisingly, the experience had left Katie feeling rather despairing, admitting she’d ‘given up’ on the app.

The video has since gone viral receiving over 100,000 views and thousands of comments from Katie’s followers hoping to bolster her.

One wrote: “If that’s how he treats a stranger, I dread to think how he treats his exes.”

Agreeing, another added: “It takes one hell of a real woman to have seven kids, you are truly amazing and strong.”

“No one deserves to be spoken to like that, ignore the little boy,” a third wrote.

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