I tried the Duggars' gross 'chicken n biscuit' recipe – it was the worst dish I've ever eaten and smelled like dog food | The Sun

I NEVER knew I could taste a dish that smelled so much like dog food until I took a recipe from the Duggars.

While the family-of-21 may know how to entertain millions on TV, their kitchen talents seem nonexistent after trying their "Chicken 'n a Biscuit" recipe and almost throwing up.

There's creative cooking, and then there's "the Duggar style."

Between their "Tater Tot Casserole," "Chili Frito Pie," and their most recent "Hashbrown Casserole," the Duggar family's recipes are notorious for seeming completely unappetizing.

And after further review and a horrendous stomachache, I can confirm this is true.

TLC's seven-season star family from 19 Kids and Counting has proved to be masters of strange courtship rituals and excessive baby-making.

A group of 21 made for TV, no doubt.

But as far as their influence goes, it's best to move forward cautiously on all things food-related.

Hidden at the bottom of the recipe list on the Duggar family blog is an original concoction cooked on season six, episode 24 of the show: "Chicken 'n a Biscuit."

The five-ingredient dish was served to the mass by Jill Duggar's long-time friend Ashton Brown.

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While the dish's debut didn't directly come from the hands of a Duggar member, it became one of their own.

I can't say I felt a dying desire to try a dairy-filled recipe that includes chicken from a can, but this heavy food appeared to be intriguing – meaning disgusting.

So, why not give it a try?

Right off the bat, I knew I wasn't going to find what I needed at my go-to grocery, Trader Joe's.

The recipe calls for two cups of shredded mild cheddar cheese, eight ounces of all-natural canned chicken, 26 ounces of cream of chicken soup, one cup of 1% milk, and three cans of crescent rolls.

Seeing the words "canned chicken" felt foreign to me, especially being included in an ingredients list for edible food.

But I thought it was probably just similar to canned tuna, hopefully.

I headed to Target on a mission to find what I needed and spent $24.82.

At the time, the price seemed reasonable and worth it. However, I now feel I wasted precious money I could've used for Joe's Pizza.

And that would've been way better.

The first step to creating this gooey concoction is making the gravy base.

I opened up the first can of cream of chicken soup and was immediately punched in the nose with a smell like no other.

The condensed yellow substance had a stench that could only be compared to the runny food animals eat – already off to a great start.

Mixing the two soup cans with one cup of milk took a while.

Even though my excitement levels were low, and I knew this wouldn't be my favorite dish, I wasn't going to let the gravy be chunky.

Once the consistency was right, I set the mixture to the side and started on the biscuit filling.

In a different bowl, I shredded the canned chicken and sprinkled two cups of shredded cheddar in it.

Note: I am lactose sensitive, but I was in too deep.

I rolled 13 biscuits with a spoonful of the chicken and cheese combo each.

With the oven preheated to 350 degrees, I was ready to start prepping the baking dish.

Just as a typical Duggar would, I went heavy on the butter and greased the pan with some.

Then, I poured in enough gravy to fill the bottom.

I placed the crescent rolls in the pan and used the rest of the gravy on top.

This was by far the most unappealing the dish looked throughout the whole process.

The rolls were swimming in a white sea of chunky chicken liquid with no hope of reaching the surface or becoming crispy.

Regardless, I popped the meal in the over for 45 minutes.

As the mush sizzled and popped, I hoped the soup would become crispy, but I was only kidding myself.

Upon taking it out of the oven, my stomach's fate for the rest of the evening became very clear.

All I could see was a yellow square blob with subtle blocks of soggy bread.

I fished for a biscuit and hesitated before driving my fork into it for a world-record small bite.

I will preface my conclusion with the fact that the taste can only be described as lukewarm, salty, and wet.

And I wish I could say the smell of dog food simmered down, but it didn't.

The one pieces melted on my tongue for about 10 seconds before my tastebuds rejected it and so did I.

I instantly spit it out.

It truly blows my mind knowing that 21 forks dug into this same meal and thought: "Wow, this is a genius and delicious dish everyone needs to try."

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I am more convinced now than ever that the Duggar family has purposefully curated a brand of bad food and unheard-of recipes.

This has to be a joke… it has to be. Right?

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