I tried the viral heatless curls method but it left me looking like Will Ferrell… it was such an error

EVERYONE wants voluminous curly hair but if your hair is naturally straight it can be hard to achieve the desired results without inflicting heat damage.

This woman gave it her best shot but was left mortified when she took out her heatless curlers and commenters compared her to orphan Annie, Shirley Temple, and Will Ferrell.

Chloe shared the video with her TikTok followers and was left in stitches at the results.

She used bendy foam rollers all over her head and, upon taking them out, realised that her shoulder-length hair was in ringlets all over her head.

She said she “literally cried with laughter” when she saw the finished look.

The video has racked up 181,000 likes and commenters thought the final look was hilarious.

“OMG I’M SORRY FOR LAUGHING”, said one viewer, while another wrote: “Shirley Temple who?”

“I literally started laughing aloud”, wrote a third.

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Chloe was compared to a few other famous figures because of her bouncy blonde curls. 

“It’s giving Will Ferrell”, said one.

“PERFECT PETER”, wrote another, comparing Chloe to children’s character Horrid Henry’s little brother. 

Some, however, thought it was a great look.

“If I had shorter hair I would LOVE THIS! Glam!”, said impressed commenter, and a second wrote: “I love it. It suits you so much!

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