I tried TikTok's viral 'frownie patches' which 'rid wrinkles overnight' – I was in pain but they do work | The Sun

FROM moisturizers to Botox, there's a variety of methods you can use to prevent wrinkles.

I tried the latest TikTok trend that has users sticking patches all over their faces to maintain a smooth complexion.

The viral Frownie Facial Patches are available in boxes of 144 from $24.

The "original facial patches" are attached to muscles in an effort to maintain muscle memory, therefore preventing wrinkles.

Before applying the magic patches, I cleansed and moisturized my face before bed.

The instructions then advise you to massage your face before application.

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Shortly after sticking on the patches, it became clear I had done something wrong.

Not only were the patches not damp enough when I attempted to apply them, but my skin itself wasn't completely dry from the skincare routine I performed beforehand. 

Once I was finally able to get the patches to stick, they became stiff as a rock on my face.

It was an unpleasant and uncomfortable night's sleep.

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Taking off the patches proved to be just as painful of a task, after I misread the instructions.

I must have missed the portion that advised the user to take each patch off with water.

I decided to just rip them directly off my face like a pore strip, which I do not recommend.

By night two, I had learned from my mistakes and made sure my patches were sufficiently moist and my skincare routine was set in before application.

They went on a lot easier and the next morning, they came off less painfully with the highly recommended water.

However, there was still a little resistance but they left my face way less irritated than the day before. 

At this point, I inspected my skin to see if there were any dramatic changes in the lines on my face, but still nothing.

By the third night wearing them the patches had become more comfortable.

Perhaps due to my strict following of instructions or maybe my skin had simply become used to the nightly procedure.

The next morning, I used water to smooth my hand under each patch and lift them from there and there was barely any

Like most skincare treatments, I'd presume it takes more than just three nights to see noticeable changes in your complexion when using this product.

I would strongly advise using water when applying and removing.

However, you should also make sure your skin isn't too wet.

I'd also recommend reading the instructions, so you can avoid the pain I endured on day one.

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Frownies are an infamous anti-aging product, so, there must be some method to the madness.

And anyway, aging isn't such a bad thing.

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