I want to change my daughter’s name but relatives have got her gifts with the moniker on, people will think I’m an idiot

A MUM has revealed she wants to change her baby's name – but kind-hearted people have got her pressies with the tot's moniker on.

The mum made the confession on Mumsnet's Baby Names thread.

She told how her daughter had a name which could be pronounced in two different ways and it was stressing her out.

"DD [dear daughter] is just over six weeks old," she started. "We were choosing between two names and went back and forth until we registered her, but a few weeks on from that and I'm still feeling undecided!

"The problem I'm having is that the name we've chosen, although lovely, can be pronounced in two ways and it feels like everyone uses the pronunciation we don't. I'd rather not say the name but it's along the lines of Esme. Every conversation goes:

"Oh what's her name? Es-may Es-mee, how nice…"

She continued: "Anyway, would you think someone was an absolute idiot for changing a baby's name at six weeks or more? Will people get used to it?

"I feel really embarrassed that I've totally messed up naming her. She's also been bought a few gifts with her name on them and if I was to change it I'd feel really bad about those."

One mum said just to correct people. "All you need to say is "oh, it's esMAY" or whatever the real name is. I have a baby with a name more commonly used for the opposite gender, so sometimes I have to say, "she's a she, actually!"

But in the main people said she should do what she wanted.

"Think about it, you can change her name until she is one year old," one person said. "I know that because I have changed the name of both my children!"

Another added: "Change it if it’s bugging you. That would irritate me.
Try a new name for a week, see if it fits."

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