I was 7 when mum put me on a diet, she'd count calories & meals were halved… once she snatched a cocoa out my hand

A WOMAN whose mum wrote a viral Vogue article about putting her on a diet at just SEVEN has told how – a decade on – she still struggles with her body image

Betty Kubovy-Weiss, 18, from the USA, who is now a body activist, appeared in the glossy magazine in April 2012 alongside her mum Dara-Lynn Weiss.

The essay was called 'Weight Watcher’ and it prompted a huge response with people slamming Dara-Lynn.

She told how she restricted her 4ft 4ins daughter's calorie intake after her little girl reached 93 pounds. 

She halved her dinner portions, banned pudding and refused to let her enjoy a hot chocolate in Starbucks after the barista couldn’t give her a calorie count.

In the Vogue article, Dara-Lynn said of this: “I dramatically grabbed the drink out of my daughter's hands, poured it into the garbage, and stormed out.”

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Now, recounting her childhood to Insider , Betty revealed how she had struggled with her body image afterwards, lying about her age to get into a spin class early.

And she added her childhood was characterised by talks of dieting.

“When I felt like hurting my mom, I would eat poorly,' she said. “I would weaponise my body against her. I knew it made her happy that I was skinnier, but I didn't always want to make her happy.”

And she was keen to emphasise an important point: "I think we need to leave people alone and let people do what they want with their bodies."

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