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A GREGGS employee has claimed she can tell what you look like based on your favourite baked treat – so what do you usually go for?

From sweet doughnuts to their famous vegan sausage roll, Greggs has plenty of pastries to grab on the go – and turns out, they use secret markings to tell them apart.

But now, a staff member has revealed some insider information about the popular bakery's customers, claiming certain people will pick certain goodies.

Leah, who posts under the username @smashed.pian0s, took to TikTok to share her observations – and this is what she had to say.

''What you look like from what your Greggs order is,'' the employee chuckled before spilling the beans.

Leah started the video with a slice of their Pepperoni pizza, which is a go-to lunch snack for many, the employee included.

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''Its well nice i make a fresh one every time im on break i can literally put anything on it if i want [sic].''

If that's you, then the worker reckoned you're most likely a young child.

Next up in the clip was Greggs sausage and bacon barn, a protein-rich option for breakfast.

Sharing her thoughts on this baked good, Leah reckoned this must be a top pick for male construction workers whoprobably don't have the time to make breakfast at home.

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But what if you enjoy their hearty beef and veggie pasty?

Leah, who herself is not a fan of this item, insisted you're most likely an elderly woman who is also quite rude and don't care what others think of you.

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Last in the video was a cheesy slice of Margherita pizza – and this despite its high fat content, the employee described its fans as gym blokes obsessed with their figure.

Despite it huge popularity, Leah didn't share her thoughts on their signature sausage roll – this, she explained in the comments, was because ''literally everyone buys it''.

So, what do you think – are her observations correct?

Well, this is what people on social media had to say.

''Bean and cheese for those mums with more then one kid,'' one person wrote.

A Greggs fan revealed: ''to be completely honest I don't think Greggs have anything I'd skip.''

Someone else added: ''pizza one is accurate tbh.''

Fancy some Greggs without leaving your house? Keep on reading, as one foodie recently shared a recipe for a cheese and bean melt using her air fryer.

Jen, who can be found on TikTok at @airfry_jen, shared the simple recipe with her followers.

Alongside the step-by-step guide, she wrote: “My version of a Greggs sausage & Bean melt..without the sausage. 

She added: “Cheese and Bean Pasty cooked in the air fryer.” 

Then she showed how it was done, starting with the ingredients foodies will need – some puff pastry, a tin of beans (with or without sausages) and some grated cheese of your choice.

First up, Jen rolled out the pastry and cut it into four equal pieces.

Then, she took one piece and put a spoonful of beans directly into the middle to create the start of the filling. 

She also revealed a simple trick is to pat the beans down with a spoon so that they spread out.

Next, Jen added a generous layer of cheese – she’d chosen red leicester – over the top. 

op, creating a sandwich. 

Then, gently press each of the pieces of puff pastry together and take a fork to seal them up at the sides.

The final step before popping it into the Air Fryer is to put an egg wash onto each pastry pocket. 

Lastly, put the bake into the kitchen gadget at 170 degrees on bake mode for 15 minutes, turning half way through. 

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Once the bakes are ready, they should be golden brown on the outside and warm and gooey in the middle.

And Jen said they tasted just as good as they looked, as she revealed: “I don’t think you can ever get as good as the originals but it’s a close contender, I think.”

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