I work on a cruise ship, people think my room must be luxe but I sleep on a pull-out shelf and my loo’s INSIDE my shower

A DANCER who works on a cruise ship revealed that, despite being on a luxury liner, her bed is a shelf in her cramped room and her toilet is inside her shower.

Cruise worker Summer Edwards showed viewers around one of the luxury guest cabins and then around her staff cabin, and there was a big difference.

The TikToker joked that she was "sorry you had to see this" before giving the tour of the two spaces.

She said: "In a guest cabin there's a massive double bed. In my cabin the bed is literally a shelf on the wall.

"In a guest cabin there is so much storage. In my cabin the storage is very minimal.

"In a guest cabin there's so much room for activities. In my cabin I can touch the walls on either side.

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"In a guest cabin the bathroom is gorgeous and the shower is huge. In my cabin the sink is in my room and my toilet is in my shower.

"And last but not least, in a guest cabin there's a view of the ocean and in my cabin, it's a black abyss."

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The popular video quickly went viral and has been liked more than 280k times.

Fellow TikTokers were quick to jump in with their thoughts on the meagre living arrangements.

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One person said: "I feel like your cabin should have more storage since you live there."

Another said: "Employees definitely need more room since you're like living on it."

While a third said: "I mean you guys work on there, I get they have to put you somewhere but honestly you need more space!!!"

But it's not all the staff who have to slum it below deck.

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One person commented: "I bet the Captain has a sweet cabin. Probably most of the top officers of the ship do too."

To which Summer replied: "Oh their cabins are literally apartments!!"

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