I worked at McDonald's – why you might want to give the fries a miss & the reason we say the McFlurry machine’s down | The Sun

A FORMER McDonald's employee has revealed all the secrets of the fast food giant, including the real reason you can never get a frozen milkshake.

McDonald's – the world's biggest and best known fast food chain which sees countless hungry customers every day.

But despite being loved by many, the brand remains full of mysteries, such as why the McFlurry machine always seems to be down.

Well, one former employee of the giant, Georgia Zacki (@ariesqueen2303), from Huddersfield, has revealed some of the secrets in a video which has gone viral on TikTok.

In the clip, Georgia, who used to work at the fast food company for a year, said that there is a reason why you can never quench your thirst with a frozen milkshake.

''It's not cause we've run out – that's a lie.

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Instead, if a staff member tells you that the machine is broken, it's more likely because of other reasons.

''One, we can't be a**ed, it's too busy, we just turn it off.

''Two, there's no one to do it.

''Three, we can't be bothered to go get mix,'' Georgia said before adding that sometimes there is no mix available and the machine is dirty.

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Sharing the things she learnt whilst working at McDonald's, the ex-employee also revealed an easy way to get items on the menu free of charge.

''If you go up to the counter and say that we didn't give you something, like fries, burger, whatever, we probably won't check.

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''We'll probably just give you cause we can't be a**ed.

Speaking of fries, you might want to think twice about ordering them, as sometimes the employees would stick their hands in the pile and munch on the savoury treat.

''We do eat the chips. If you're ordering fries, someone's probably had their hand in – not in your fries, but in the fries.''

Last but not least, if you're someone the employees consider a ''knobhead'', it's safe to say the staff will definitely talk about you – and not in the most flattering manner.

''If you're going through the drive-through and you're knobhead, the person that is taking your order will tell everyone else in the store before he comes to the window that you're a d**k.''

Continuing in the caption, she also added: ''I would like to say don’t comment on Maccies workers until you’ve had a Big Mac thrown at your head for being out of BBQ sauce.''

With more than 4 million views, the clip has taken the internet by storm, and has seen thousands of comments, some of which were left by fellow former employees.

One wrote: ''i left 2 months ago, they literally don’t care about your staff. like they only hire school kids then moan when they are going to do exams.''

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Another revealed: ''My McDonald’s would never allow that.

''If it’s busy, we still have to do McFlurrys they don’t care about us lol. It’s normally if it’s runny.''

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