I worked in Victoria’s Secret for five years and there are so many women who don’t understand about bra fitting

A BRA specialist who claims she worked in Victoria Secret for five years is revealing the things she learned on the job that most customers do not know.

Daelyn Nicole from the USA said that there are many misconceptions about bra size, with many people thinking that bra size is universal.

Taking to her TikTok account Daelyn lists the things she learned that most customers would be interested in.

Posting under the domain @daelynnicole_ said: "Things I learned working as a bra specialist at Victoria secret for five years that most women do not know."

"Number one" she continues, "your cup size and band actually correlate, meaning that your cup size is not a universal term. Someone who is a 36 D is going to have a completely different cup to someone who is a 32 D."

The previous retail worker said that customers constantly argued with her about their bra size. thinking she was mistaken.


"Like 'Daelyn I'm not a 32 D.' Girl, yes you is," she said.

Showing the back bra strap she added: "This band back here, whenever you buy a bra, you want it to be on the loosest setting. The more you wear your bra, the more they stretch out."

For this reason, the woman says that if you are already clasping the bra as tightly as possible, you probably need to go down a size, as otherwise, your bra won't last,

As her third point, Daelyn said that you should also go down a size if the back strap is shifting up your back.

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"If your band is climbing up your back, and you always have to pull your bra down, that means you need to go down a band size," she said.

Adding: "And don't forget to adjust your straps, because it actually helps a lot."

Daelyn finishes the post revealing what bra is suitable for all customers.

"Everyone looks so good in an unlined bra. Everyone" she said.

Adding: "If you are worried about them sagging, just get the ones that tuck them up a little bit."

The woman's post has been viewed over 218k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"Tell us more please" commented one person.

Another added: "For real though, will you go shopping with me? I need help."

"Can we learn more things please?" commented a third.

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